Thursday, September 24, 2009

Welcome to Not Just Bacon!

So what the hell is this blog?  Rather, what the hell is this blog going to be?  Not Just Bacon will be your home for a wide range of food and beverage related topics:
-Fancy, highbrow recipes
-Half-assed, spur of the moment recipes
-Beer "reviews" and discussion
-Restaurant commentary

Basically anything that has to do with food and beer (and probably other alcoholic beverages).  One day, we could post a breakdown of a meal at a fancy restaurant and the next it could be the burger joint around the corner.

So enjoy the content and please feel free to jump in with comments.  If we put up a recipe where you see an improvement, let us know.  If you think we suck, let us know.

Respect food.
Respect beer.
Not Just Bacon.

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